25 February, 2010

Introduction of an Introvert

After a long 2 hours of choosing templates and editing HTML coding for the layout, "Anything Goes for Alvin" is online! Special Thanks to Zepx and Ezra for helping me.

As the title shows I am an introvert, I am usually quiet when i am around strangers, and some people may know me as the strange one, often got misunderstood. Interested in photography and classical music.

Actually this is my 2nd Blog, the 1st blog of mine kinda resting in peace, some of you may know it, The reason that inspired me to reopen a blog is because i want to share the photos I will take in the near future, please do Critic/Comment about them.

Please do visit once a week, =P

This pic is taken by EzraSang, in Genting Highland 10/Feb/2010

1 comment:

Grace said...

YOu very introvert meh!!