16 March, 2010

Beat of the Week * delayed *

Sorry for the long waiting guys.. Last week was kinda a hectic week for me... So here it is!!! Last week's Beat!

For some people, Granado Espada is one of the best MMORPG out there, comparing to Perfect World and RYL, to me Granado Espada is much more better, with the new system of controlling multiple characters at the same time, i feel like i am playing Final Fantasy "My favourite of all time" =3. * just my 2 cent~

Anyway last week's beat would be it's main theme.

Download Here

If you want the full album get it Here

Album List
01 beyond the mountains.mp3
02 beyond hope.mp3
03 nexus.mp3
04 odyssey.mp3
05 supercooled girl.mp3
06 endless battle.mp3
07 granado espada.mp3 * Main Theme *
08 violin of the death.mp3
09 siren's scent.mp3
10 agujero inmundo.mp3
11 calmi cuori appassionati.mp3
12 temptation.mp3
13 rosa rosado.mp3
14 honor winds.mp3
15 a witch on a diet.mp3
16 aria de coimbra.mp3
17 forget-me-not.mp3
18 zebre de la clave.mp3

1 comment:

PeiJean. Piggyhan said...

Awesome song♥ haha THE SCORE. i want to score x.x