16 August, 2010

Lucky Valley Part 1

 Yo, sorry folks been busy with my holiday =3, also thanks to "Nicholas Gow" my post about PCFair had been delayed if you see this guy..        Picture available below. Whack him!!!! >D

See his evil face... ishk
Anyway back to the original topic, on July 31 and family consist of my parents, my grandmother and of course the cute little Chipmunk here went to Lucky Valley located at Pahang with a hired bus. It was a weekend trip, luckily my final exam had just finished 2 days ago, so I get the chance resting in a place that you could say closest to nature. Forest, Lakes, Plantation, Orchard, oh ya all the food there is home grown, you can even buy fruits there for a very cheap price. There are even some lecturers from Utar/Ktar Setapak joined the trip.

We arrived to Wangsa Maju's LRT station where the bus is located at 6.30am. After all the passengers from Wangsa Maju arrived, we are off to Ktar Setapak campus to get the remaining passenger, and.....We are off to Santuary !!!! The Map of our journey,
 We went to a pit stop * forgot where xD * for our breakfast at KFC, my god you won't believe they are using Jaring =.=......... the net is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo MUCHHHHHHHHH Faster slower than other KFC outlet....
Trying to online at KFC
After a rushed breakfast we continue our journey again xD.

Random pictures

Toilet Break xD

And for lunch, we went to a restaurant called Ban Hing just nearby our destination, by just reaching the restaurant we know that Lucky Valley would be quite near,

And girls do look at the handsome waiters that are serving us xD,

Quite masculine eh
 Pretty Boy
And remember the last post? About Drinking Cognac? haha
actually a Tissue Box, beside it would be a typical Chinese Tea >D

and..... Part 1 Ends here~, stay tune =3

05 August, 2010

Back From Lucky Valley

1st of all, i am sorry about not updating the blog for quite some time. Lots of things had happened... Quizzes, exams, my personal problems, more quizzes, more exams.... well you get the idea haha.

 Weeee where or where is small little me =3

Well as the title states i came back from Lucky Valley last Sunday together with my family also with my disciples of Shaolin Neijin Yizhichan Qigong. To those who are wandering.... Yes I do learn Qigong since erm..... 5 years ago?

"LUCKY VALLEY is nestled in 500 acres of fruit orchards, vegetable
plots and herb gardens, cultivated on what was previously virgin
jungle, which still lines the perimeter of the land. The retreat was
founded by Directors who discovered that the energy in
the area was unusually strong, and could be harnessed for health
and healing. So the land was acquired and the jungle was turned
into a rich plantation of common and exotic fruits, medicinal herbs,
and organic vegetables.

The retreat is frequented by many foreigner and local groups who
come on organized “energy-enriching” retreats. Many are Yoga,
TaiChi, Qigong or spiritual groups. The retreat is not a religious
centre but is suitable for any meditative or spiritual group.

The land is strewn with paths that join the different structures and
areas, and in the perimeter is the 7 kilometer hiking trail that is the
highlight of any visit to the retreat. The hike starts in the early
morning after a light breakfast.
There are ponds and lakes that are covered by many species of
water-lilies and lotuses. The fishes for our meals are home-reared,
and are caught fresh just before being cooked. Recreational fishing
is not encouraged though it would be a haven for such enthusiasts.
The lakeside bungalow allows activities like meditation, discussions
and exercises to be done right by the waterside."

Lucky Valley is located near Muadzam Shah at Pahang. Lucky Valley is actually renowned for its abundant natural Healing Chi and alkaline water. So if you are thinking you are having some 5 Star Resort you better think again. Activities you can do there would be,


Meditation 靜修/靜坐 
Energy Healing 能量修復

Meditation Classes

Cane Exercise

Chi Gong


Rebalancing Chakras

Others 其他有趣活動︰
- Jungle Hiking
- Farms visiting
- Lake visiting

I'll be Signing Off here........... And for some spoiler for my Next Post....... 

1) I Finally Tried a D3~!!!!!!!! well..... at least i tried for 2 days..... Click HERE to see the Picture

2)Have you all tried drinking cognac at the afternoon during a trip? xD

Oh ya, to those whom are interested in Lucky Valley, Click HERE for more information.

23 June, 2010

Promoting for Sarubobo!!!!

DIY Bags


Meet the DIANEs : Blue blob, Spring green and Laser yellow.

I personally got JOEY from Sarubobo as a gift for my friend's birthday, she like it pretty much =)

Quote from the Maker,
" What i like most is..
the zippers! they are very smooth indeed :) "

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03 June, 2010

Life Without Internet

Tomorrow would be the third week that I had canceled my internet just to get a better package.... Honestly the deal ARE tempting but the price I had to pay isn't worth that deal, I had missed out on sooo much on outings and EVEN MY NUFFNANG INVITES TO THE PREMIERE OF PRINCE OF PERSIA T-T................. Thanks to the Quarantine System which TMNUT had set up for the existing users canceling the old streamyx account like me =.=..........

To those who are wondering where am i updating my blog, that would be stealing line from my college xD, the speed here are as fast as the speed of!!!!!!! * snails *................ well.... beggars cant be choosers right?

Chipmunk Signing out here....

Will try to update more.....

14 May, 2010



CEC aka da CuteEmoChipmunk wont have internet access for minimum 1 week, due to upgrading TMnut service.

Guess which 1 I am applying xD * Grins *