27 February, 2010


Have some of you people feels like Megaupload or RapidShare, capped our original download speed? For example, I myself subscribe for streamyx 1mbs, and my maximum download speed would be not lower that 90kb/s, and while I am downloading from 1 of those website, my speed would dropped from 90kb/s to 60kb/s maybe even lower.

Anyway, yesterday one of my friend Zepx, asked me to try one of his service for free!


It is a service which lets you download your favourite animation, songs, files to the server, and from the server you download it to your computer, and you wont believe how fast for your files to be saved into the server xD, here's a screenie~~

Cool eh, the server actually can goes up to 10,000 KB/s meaning it has a 10mb/s connection. Well i haven't seen that number yet =P, the highest i saw would be 8000++kb/s, and that's good enough for me. Take note, no matter how high the server speed be, when it is downloading to your computer, it still sees what connection speed you had subscribe.

Mine with 1mb/s connection

T-T sadly mine can only goes up to 90+kb/s in my area....

In college non-peak hour with 2mb/s connection

Sigh... from now on, maybe i'll go earlier to college to download xD.
Oh ya if anyone interested for this service, you can contact Zepx, you can either PM him there, or just give him a pm~ toodles for now.

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