08 March, 2010

1st Roll of Film Developed!!!!!

Finally... I am free to post!!!! T-T... After playing around with my dad's SLR slowly I understand the feeling of the Film Era photographers. Nowadays, we can spam pics like it is nothing, even if it is blurred, in this era we simply just use the delete button, and snap again... Where else in the past the photographers need to consider each pic before taking them, even after they snap it, they need to process them... ONLY then they'll know how the picture turns out. The feeling of seeing how the photo turns out to be are a killer >.<... Well this is my 1st step into the world of Film!!! Below are kinda 3 of my favs...


After i develop my pics, only then my dad said I used the wrong setting for the film iso damn!!!! >.<... Originally i should be using the 200 Iso setting, but then... I didn't EVEN KNOW there can be changed, until my dad told me...

Should be 200

Instead i put 100...

Sigh... well... sadly i did use 100 for the 2nd roll (finished before i learn about this), ain't processing it that early..

well after the long typing... I'll stop here before it gets boring =P.

Pictures are taken with Pentax, K1000, 50mm and D40x, kit lens ( for the shots on the SLR )
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