08 March, 2010

SLR pics Coming Soon!!!

Hey people!, I am too excited!!! to say this.. but my 1ST ROLL of film are gonna finish developing in 3 hours!!!! Too bad at that time I would be in college having my philosophy midterm T-T... Well Stay Tune!!! I'll update my blog As Soon As I retrieve my pics from FotoMega XD

Here's a cookie to bite on while waiting =3...


Picture taken by Nicholas Gow,
Using Minolta Maxxum 3000! with Alpha 50mm " aint sure which model " *Film as well *
Will update the post later on tonight ^^


kenwooi said...

nice back shot =)

EddiE said...

Oooooo~ i will wait ur photos geh kakakakaa!!!

yiling said...

u wear wrong size?

alvinchiew said...

> Kenwooi, haha must thank Nicholas for that pic
> EddiE, uploading now
> yiling, ==. u wan wear tight fit shirt for jogging ?