22 March, 2010

Love, and Unbreakable Glass

Well, this is 1 awesome youtube video that I would wanna share with the people out there. The title would be " Draw with Me ", some may have watched it before, but watching an awesome video will never get bored right?! =3

Here is it,

*Music is by Ai Otsuka " Cherish "*

"Draw with Me"'s Creator would be Mikeinel. The Storyline is about a boy and a girl got separated by an unbreakable glass.

Here is another version of it,

*Music and Sound is by Daniel James*

Well Enjoy, and if you love it, Fav them in Mikeinel's DeviantArt xD.


EddiE said...

Lol, i thought it was Mike INEL??? I've been promoting tht vid since CNY all over FB n to friends n cousins XDD.. awesome video.. even downloaded the ORIGINAL!! :P

But, the another version one... whts d diff other than music? I still prefer the original music~

alvinchiew said...

haha, eddie, the updated version you watch closer, the differences is on the girl's hands

Mel said...

x faham xD