27 March, 2010

HDR photos

Well as the title says... This is my 1st time doing HDR photos >.<




Phailure >.<

Do CnC, need to improve my PP skills haha >.<


fiona06 said...

Visitor from Brunei! gona ask u a super noob question...whats HDR? LOL

alvinchiew said...

hahaha, its ok, HDR means High dynamic range imaging, combining multiple contrast to form a picture

yiling said...

haha.. really lyk d pic of both yr frens.. bt d flower 1 2 much adi

Ezy said...

I saw myself! Bow to me, this is an order!

Kenzo said... looks really great!! so sorry can't sempat to post you the tutorial since i'm busy late. =(

alvinchiew said...

nvm la, i still waiting your photoshop tutorial haha, anyway thx

Jan said...

OOH!! Pretty! I want to learn how to do that!

But for now I'm obsessed with applying the lomo effect to my photos. :P

And thanks for the visit!