04 March, 2010

MAOR!!! PICS!!!! from my daughter lucy~

Well... Since i am saying goodbye to this beautiful lens later today T-T... I figure i might as well MOLEST it to the FULLEST !!! xD, more pics from my pretty model =3, enjoy~

Pic 1

Pic 2

Pic 3

Creds to Ezra my best pal, thank you... your lens that is =3... More Pics in my FaceBook, please do C n C them ^^
Taken with D40x, 50mm 1.8D


kenwooi said...

cute hamster =D

alvinchiew said...

haha, its a chipmunk =x

nuRuLain_zAiNi said... cuteeeeeeee....rasa nak beli sekor je..huhhuhu..hehe

alvinchiew said...

haha, tq..
> nuRuLain_zAiNi, it cost around RM 120, only selling in June or July, seasonal =P

elynn-p :] said...

i want her-can i??? heeeheee