03 March, 2010

Nikkor 50mm 1.8D

Yesterday night my friend Ezra, asked me to help him get a Nikkor 50mm lens. He told me that he need it A.S.A.P, cause of day after day the beautiful scenery in Sarawak went past him and because his Nokia N82 ain't good enough. After a transaction from his account to mine, I went to my usual camera store in Ampang. Well... it ain't as cheap as LYP there, but of course it is still much more cheaper than the usual stores, cheaper around RM 50 add on a build-in Flash Diffuser... well the price kinda consider ok la.... for student xD

Pictures of the Main item xD

After having the permission from him.. The Molesting BEGINS!!!!!! haha, sadly the lens doesn't comes with Motor inside.. for my model i need to use manual focus T-T....... well.... i cant say much since it is that cheap already....
Well.. Here's some sample Pics

Pic 1 ( i personally like this pic )

Pic 2

Well, for more pics as usual please go to my FaceBook to view them xD, please do C n C, them.. Considering opening a Flickr account... Please do check his blog on Friday, I am sure that he will post after receiving the item =P.

Pictures are taken with D40x

2 comments: said...

i have no ideas about all dslr stuff since i m a pre-newbie! hahahahaha

nanged u. nang to find out why i luv to eat SHIT!

nuRuLain_zAiNi said...

comel nye chikmunk~~