03 April, 2010

Brotherly Journey Part 1

Sorry for not blogging for so long, well... alot has happen on this week, practically drained me T-T..
2 Days ago, I went out with Nicholas Gow to Low Yat Plaza to get his new Sigma 50mm F1.4 EX DG, you heard it right, the 50mm that cost around 2.2k!! @.@.. After he reached my house, we started our journey. LRT > Dang Wangi Station > Walk to Monorail and took it to Bukit Bintang Station, walked through Sungai Wang (Nicholas’ idea of satisfying his eyes in the morning) to LYP, went to a shop and found out they are selling at RM 2050 1 year warranty, but ain’t sure is AP or Original set @.@.... so we went back Sungai Wang Shop “Boeing” and ask surprisingly we got the price of RM 2100 and also 2 YEARS of warranty was going to call Ezra Sang to pick for us xD but at that moment he tidur mati =.=……. Well, we figure it ourselves and get it from Boeing, and…. THE FUN STARTS!!!!... well… later on haha

Test Shot 1, this uncle serve us at Boeing =P

Test Shot 2

Test Shot 3

Test Shot 4

Test Shot 5

All test shot are used with Nicholas Gow's D5000~

We went back to Time Square and got ourselves a ticket to “Clash of the Titans” at GSC, Ezra Sang don’t laugh at us that we lupa to watch it at IMAX T-T, we stressed ourselves too much on buying the lens in which store till a point that everything went blank >.< , well, honestly I must say I didn’t watch the Older Version of it, but I know there are some changes in the remake. Well don’t want to be spoiler much xD, After the movie we go to TS's Nikon Center to compare the Sigma 50mm F1.4 and Nikkor 50mm F1.4G

Sigma Sample Shot,
The not so Leng Zai Chipmunk

Nikkor F1.4G, using my D40x body xD
Nicholas Gow, the chubby 1

Sigma 50mm Nikkor 50mm xD

haha, I'll update Part 2 tomorrow, stay tune ^^
PS, EZY WE MISS YOU T-T..... come back from Sarawak ASAP T-T


Vin Tsen Gan said...

The photos I take are NEVER good. Haha. Sad huh?

w3ndee said...

why only few test shots?
shud capture lenglui workers as the test shot bah!
haha, u and ezy are friends?

kenwooi said...

it's always fun to play with a DSLR =)

Jan said...

Oh my gosh, I'm so so jealous right now. D:

Kenzo said...

OMG you finally went to the sigma 50mm! =D RM9XX right?

Mindy said...

y none of the pics got u??lolzz...u n ezy r from miri?

alvinchiew said...

@Vin Tsen Gan, why say >.<
@W3ndee, i'll upload today
@kenwooi, true
@Jan, haha why jealous wor >.<
@Kenzo, >.< not mine la, i wish is mine also >.<
@Mindy, got my pic la the not so leng zai Chipmunk is me lo xD