08 May, 2010

To Melaka Trip!!! Part 1

Finally Free from MUET Speaking Test weeee~ so now, sadly i still have to study for IELTS T-T.... well back to topic,

On the 2nd week of May, I went to Malacca with a couple of bloggers Henry aka the CleverMunkey, Pei Li aka Krazy, actually suppose that Ching Yih aka Jayleo was gonna join us for the trip, due to some inconveniences he cant come. Lucky that Krazy is good enough to bring 2 of her Best~ies along he trip xD Siew Ching and Rachel =P.

Taken when we are in the bus =P


From the left: Siew Ching and Rachel

Krazy buzy smsing xD

After few hours of Journey we finally reach Malacca Sentral and from there we took a Number 17 Bus to the Heart of Malacca, xD. and from there we are led to our little comfy apartments

Krazy welcoming us xD

Siew Ching and Krazy =P

Stay tune for the next post!!!!


Mae-lynn Heuk said...

i've been to Melaka last sem too!! it was a nice place~ XD got housemates from there. so stayed in her house.^^

HenRy LeE ® said...

haha... next trip again ya! :D