06 May, 2010

Duo Outing!!!

Its the two Duo outing again! This time we two went for a movie in TimeSquare IMAX cinema =3. Nic came to my house like at 10am, after doing some stuff for an hour... and as usual we took LRT to Dang Wangi, and take Monorail to TimeSquare =3. I meet up with Zepx before buying our tickets xD, had a heavy breakfast and time to get our tickets!!!

IMAX wednesday price = RM 7 you heard me its only RM 7!!!!, and you can enjoy extremely comfy seats, Wide Screen and a better surround sound system than GSC!!!!!

PLEASE SUPPORT IMAX, don't let it get close down

PS, Zepx, yesterday's meeting too short la =.=... I cannot pinch you little chubby boy!!!! T-T....

Ezra!!!! we still waiting for you to balik =P


jfook said...

RM 7 really cheap. :)

u said...

i watch movie in dublin is like RM28

SonnyKazu said...

wow! RM7 nice! :D

ulricng said...

omg!!! i watch a movie in dublin is RM 28... -.-|||

P.S. sorry for double post :(

alvinchiew said...

@jfook it is cheap xD
@Sonny yes yes support them!!
@ulric woah >.<, expensive!!!

ulricng said...

yeah...but no choice dublin or rather europe is expensive cause they use EUROS

Dewi Batrishya said...

whoa.. That's the cheapest u can find here.. ^^
Back in KK we got this Growball Cinema & It's only RM5 for students..
The most expensive would be RM7.. ehehe..

alvinchiew said...

@ulric aww >.<, well the pay there is quite high right? u cannot compare to here @.@
@Dewi, omg RM 5 >.<

nebular said...

Nice outing.....really fine budget day to do it. Enjoys yourself guys......StayTune