29 April, 2010

Movie Review: Ip Man 2

My 1st ever movie review, also the 1st time go for NuffNang's Movie Screening ^^, Ezy aint in West Malaysia atm... So Nicholas have to do >.<

2 Tickets for me and Nicholas

My 1st ever NN Badge

Well, back to the main topic, ok i admit that i never spend any $$ on Chinese Movies in Cinema, well... Don't say me why... I ain't sure also >.<.... After I finish my Final Paper "Yippee!!!" I went to Krazygal's house to try fix her computer~~, well... few years of using Vista and currently Window 7, rusted me from using Window XP, sorry la Krazy jie can't fix your com T-T....

After that, we went Sungai Wang to meet up with Nicholas, we 3 went McD for teatime and wait for the time to pass~.... Cut through some bullying from Krazy, we went to collect our tickets, met
Baboon, Cloudfly, Jayleo and Jason, woah @.@ I don't believe my eyes, Brother Jay with his Manly Boobs wei xD, Baboon and Jason, aiya can see from their blog also la, leng zais =P.

Overall the Movie was exiting and heartwarming at the same time, there are some scenes which will makes your adrenalin gets pumping. I do really enjoy it, if you gonna ask me which scenes is the most memorable in the movie that would be...

1st) Sammo Hung Versus Donnie Yen at the Round Table, woah... imagine you are one of them trying to stay on the table and avoiding every hit that the opponent is trying to land on you.

2nd) Sammo Hung Versus Twister, he died with honour trying to maintain our Chinese's face.

Last but not least the Donnie Yen avenging Sammo Hung by Versus~ing Twister, to those whom had watched the movie

There's some similarity with the video above, if you can pin point it out xD.
Credits to Nicholas Gow

Chippy~ signing off ~

4 comments: said...

hopefully i can attend the next premiere screening of nuffnang but most probably cannot cuz entered college already....

General_Nic said...

oi!, wat u meant by "So Nicholas have tot do >.<"?!!

Emeryn said...

I go gonna watch this. But I wonder still can get tickets for today or not. o.O

-JayLeo™- said...

boobs ur head. sherlock holmes more manly boobs. hahahaha